Our extensive experience in out of the ordinary environments, our use of protective and investigative professionals, and our client track record for providing top-notch service in domestic market give us the edge over our competitors. At IPC Investigations we work with clients across the state of Florida and Internationally in several different types of assignments. All of our Orange City Florida Detective Services are offered across the state and around the globe. If you don’t see the service that you need in the page below, call or send us an email at the contact us form below.

Investigations and Surveillance

  • Workers Comp Fraud claims
  • Infidelity and Marital Deception
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Liability and Negligence Investigations
  • Suspicious Insurance Claims
  • Loss Prevention
  • Background Investigations
  • Missing Children

Protection Services

Utilizing our expertise in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and HUMINT (Confidential Informants) IPC Investigations will gather information to mitigate threats to our clients and sharing any critical information with local law enforcement authorities.

  • Executive Protection
  • Armed Executive Protection
  • Bodyguard Services
  • VIP Escorts
  • Domestic Violence Victim Protection
  • Potential Partners Screening-Including Dating Sites

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